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.. Eastern Village Cohousing sculpture  



 Takoma Village Cohousing tower
Fort Washington

Our Mission    (Also see our Summer 2014 newsletter and
2012 Community Impact, Affordability and Preservation awards!)

EDG stands for Environmental Design Group.
We approach architecture as a collaborative effort to create sustainable environments involving owner, end user(s), design team and builder.

As leader of the design team, EDG brings to bear more than 35 years of experience with programming, design, and production of a wide variety of building types. We are used to working within tight budget and time constraints and take pride in our ability to deliver high quality, 'green' and affordable buildings within these constraints.

Royal Courts Apartments
EDG Architects. 3 Bethesda Metro Center. Suite 110. Bethesda, MD 20814  © 2008-2014
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